Welcome to my "Hiking Grand Canyon" web pages, where I will post up stories of my hiking trips into the Grand Canyon.  Well, maybe not all of them - back filling in over thirty years of Grand Canyon hiking will be a daunting task! 

     This site has undergone some retooling since it was first created to make it easier to look for trip blogs on specific areas.  I have listed areas on the north and south sides of the river and organized the blogs by major area of the hike, or, in the case of long trans-canyon trips, by the entry trail/area.  You can click on the map to the right to see a bigger image detailing these different areas.  They are listed below first on the south side, from east to west and then on the north side, from east to west.

     If anyone has a better idea on how to otherwise organize this in a user friendly way, let me know!  [I had been just listing them in chronological order, but that can become more than a little confusing when the number of postings grow!]


  South side of the Colorado River  


Tanner Trail Area

  Trekking to the Little Colorado (Camping in Palisades) - Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2009

  Circumnavigating Cardenas Butte (Day Hiking Tanner) - November 5, 2006

  The Old Tanner Trail (A day hiking around Desert View) - April 13, 2005

Tanner - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2009-11-07  Atop the Redwall on Tanner


Hance Trails

  Day Hiking Geology on the New Hance Trail - March 30, 2013

  Day Hiking Geology on the New Hance Trail - Part II - April 5, 2013

  Tse'an Bida (A tunnel on the Old Hance Trail) - April 20, 1996

Hance - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2004-05-16  To the rapids and back               Newer posting

2011-10-23  Atop the Redwall on New Hance


Grandview Trail Area

  A Return to O'Neill Spring  -  April 22, 2012

  Trying for Sockdolager (via a route off the Tonto into Hance creek) -  January 7, 2012

  Cairns above Sockdolager Rapids (Day Hiking the Grandview Trail) - July 27, 2007
  Old Grandview Trail to the River - March 4 - 5, 2006

  The Crystal Forest Caves of Grandview - April 26, 2003

  An Old Mining Camp in Cottonwood (via Grapevine) - May 18-19, 2000

Grandview Area - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2012-08-09  To O'Neill Spring ... Again


South Kaibab Trail Area

  So. Kaibab to BA (looping past Cameron's old tent cabin site) -  November 26, 2011
  Lonetree Canyon Ruins  -  October 16 - 18, 2009
  Day Hike to Phantom Ranch (via the So. Kaibab Trail) - July 13, 2007
  Day Hike to "East" Plateau Point (via the So. Kaibab Trail) - April 19, 2003

So. Kaibab - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2009-02-06  Day Hike to B.A. Creek

2010-11-27  SK to BA Loop


Bright Angel Trail Area

  The Ruins in Bright Angel Wash  -  December 31, 2011

  The Garden Creek Ruins (2 nights at BA) -  October 9 - 11, 2009

  The Winter Side of Phantom Ranch (2 nights at the BA campground) - Dec. 19-21, 2008
  BM 3702 - West of Plateau Point - May 17, 2007

  Lunch with Condor #19  (out in front of the Battleship) - November 11, 2004

  Route from BA to East Plateau Point  (from Pipe Creek) - May 13, 2004

Bright Angel - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2000-06-28  A Summer Day Hike to Pipe Creek Rapids

2004-02-22  An Attempt to Climb to "East Plateau Pt."

2009-07-01  Round Trip to Indian Garden

2013-11-30  Ruins in BA Wash & Garden Creek


Hermit Trail Area

  Dripping Springs Day Hike  (with a visit to Sweetheart Spring) - October 23, 2005

Hermit Area - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2012-10-27  The Waldron - Silver Bell Loop


Boundary to Boucher

  Jicarilla Point Petroglyphs (A day trip from Flagstaff) - June 7, 2009

South Bass Trail Area

  In the Empire of Bass - Nine Days in the Footsteps of History  -  Nov. 10 - 18, 2013

  Hiking the Gems - South Bass to Hermit  -  March 14 - 19, 2011
  Pt. Huitzil to the South Bass Trail Day Hike - February 4, 2006
  A Visit to Mystic Spring - September 29 - October 1, 1995

South Bass - the mini-blogs (with photos)

1995-12-02  First Attempt at Huitzil from the Rim

1996-01-07  Second Attempt at Huitzil from the Rim

2014-11-15  A Day Hike on the Grand Scenic Divide


Havasupai to Apache Point Area

  Day Hike off Great Thumb Mesa  -  August 30, 1997


  North side of the Colorado River  


Lee's Ferry to Nankoweap

  Lees Ferry to Cathedral Wash - January 31, 2013

  Day Hiking Cathedral Wash (Hiking in the Lees Ferry area) - February 1, 2009
  South Canyon Day Hike - January 20, 2006

Lees Ferry to Nankoweap - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2009-07-11  A Kayak Trip to Water Holes Canyon

2013-02-06  Stymied by 6 Mile Wash & Cathedral Bypass

2013-03-02  A First Try for Soap Creek Rapids


Nankoweap to Basalt

  A Week in Basalt and Lava (Parts I and II) March 9 - 17, 2012

  Marion Point - Hiking along the Nankoweap Trail  -  April 15 - 16, 2011

  The Kibbey Butte Route - May 17-18, 1997

  Getting To Kolb Natural Bridge - October 5, 1994

Nankoweap - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2012-05-15/17  A Short, Hot, Hike to Nankoweap


Unkar to North Kaibab

  A Rockfall in Vishnu - March 12 through March 19, 2010
  Clear Creek - March 20 through March 25, 2007

Phantom Creek to Point Sublime

  A Return to Trinity (and the 1919 survey crew)  -  October 20 - 26, 2013
  A Hike to Trinity Canyon:  In Search of Dreamers  -  November 25 - 30, 2009

Muav Saddle to Jumpup

  In & Around Shinumo Amphitheater  (Rim and canyon hiking) - Sept. 12 - 19, 2013

  Winter Access to North Rim (A non-hiking travelogue) - February 27, 2009
  Hiking the Big Saddle Trail - September 2 - 4, 2006
  Fishtail Loop (via Indian Hollow, Jumpup, Kanab & Cranberry Route) Sept. 12 - 18, 1994
  A Hot Hike to Deer Creek - May 30 - June 2, 1987                Newest posting

Jumpup to Muav - the mini-blogs (with photos)

2011-08-07   A short, hot hike down Sowats


Kanab Creek and points west

  Shamans' Gallery (A long day trip from Flagstaff) - May 24, 2009

  Kanab Creek Loop (In the depths of winter) - Dec. 27-30, 2008


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